230L/H Aquarium Hang On Waterfall Filter

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   This filter is made to hang on the back of your aquarium where space is limited, and provide excellent biochemical and physical filtration.It also has the added benefit of supplying enough oxygen for the tank due to the design with the water circulation system and returning water cascade.It has an adjustable flow rate  and is easy to install, uninstall and maintain
 - Adjustable water flow rate.Optimal flow is realized by adjustable flow regulating valve
 - Special cascade flow design, improving oxygen dissolving
 - Built in replaceable biochemical sponge,excellent filtration performance
 - Space Saving.Hang on the back of your aquarium
 - Easy to install, uninstall and maintain
 - Adaptable to biochemical, physical filtration
 - Only Suitable for freshwater

 - Output:200L/H
 - Voltage:110-120V
 - Power Consumption: 2W
 - Cable Length: 145cm
 - Suitable for Aquariums:approx L30cm * H20cm
 - Suitable Thickness:<1.3cm
 - Main size: approx 8 x 5 x 10.5cm (L*W*H)
 - Sponge size: approx4.3x3.5x7.5cm (L*W*H)
 - US Plug
  1 x External Filter
  1 x Aligning Button
  1 x Basket Tube
  1 x User Manual

Kindly Remind
 - Filter should be filled fully with water before operation.
 - This filter can only work in the fresh water ,can not use in the corrosive and flammable liquid.
 - Do not let the filter idling out of water long time ,cable is not replaceable.

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