Diggro R1 Sport Bracelet Bluetooth Smart Watch Band

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Diggro R1 Heart Rate Monitor Sport Bracelet  Bluetooth Smart Watch Band Waterproof Sport Fitness Tracker 

1. Compatible smart phone(Android 4.3 or above, IOS7.0 or above).
2. APP download: please download the "Mistep" from Google play or Apple Store.
2. The product contains magnetic spare parts,he who installed a pacemaker,or have implanted devices,or metal,please do not use these product.
3. Any symptoms of discomfort or allergy, please immediately stop using this product.
4. If use substandard charging power supply, will shorter the battery life, and even damage the battery.
5. The bracelet is with sealing technique, anti-perspiration and can satisfy the daily waterproof, such as hand washing, but dose not support the swimming and diving level.
Diggro R1 smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including time and date, steps,calories as well as heart rate. With  adjustable wristband and light weight feature, you can wear it to do exercise, such as running, climbing. When you do exercise, it can record your sports data. When you sleep, it will monitor your sleep. It can also wake you up by vibrating gently. All those data can be synchronized and analyzed on your smart phone. High performance and advanced smart features are the best advantages so that the smart bracelet is your indispensable personal fitness companion. It's our pleasure to provide you a funny and healthy life. 

1.Heart Rate Monitor 
Monitor you heart rate at anytime and anywhere, providing real-time heart rate.Warn you if the heart rate is not among the normal range.
2.Heart Rate Training
The bracelet will display your workout including warning time, anaerobic exercise time, aerobic exercise time, fat burned time and warm up time. Therefore you can arrange you workout as need to make the most out of every training session.
3.Sports Tracker
Monitor your workout, and track the steps, calories burned, heart rate, distance, showing the target steps and the real complete percentage. It could help you to achieve your sports target in a best way.
4. Sleep Quality Monitor
Automatically recognize your state and monitor the whole sleep progress with analyzing the deep sleep and light sleep hours.
5. Calls/SMS Notification
When you have calls or SMS, the smart bracelet will vibrate to remind you, and it will show the incoming name or sms content.
6. Sedentary Reminder
When you have sit for a long time, it will remind you to take a rest.
7. Alarm Clock
You can set the alarm to remind your daily activities, like sports, date, drinking, medicine, sleep etc.
8. Anti-lost Function
Anti-lost function confirms the relative distance between the cellphone and the smart bracelet, if the separation distance exceeds the safe distance, the alarm system will activate.
The App's language is same as you set in your phone(Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian).
10. Switch interfaces
a. Screen display with raising hand .
b. Switch interfaces with turning you wrist.
11. Find Band
This function will help you to find your bracelet.
12. Metric and Imperial Unit, Standard Time and Military Time
Metric and Imperial unit, Standard Time and Military Time can suit different people. (Sync your phone's time format) 
13.Remote Camera 
You can take a photo with the smart bracelet by the  remote camera function.

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